Message for subject association:

Some of you won’t have caught up with this, but the Minister made an announcement yesterday about the future shape of PLD, and work with subject associations and other professional groupings is in there, but it’s all pretty nebulous at this stage. Angela went to a meeting prior to the release, and says that the intention is to consult with subject association about ways of working. Pauline Barnes, who was at the subject association forum earlier this year, was the Ministry official at the meeting, so she must be in charge of steering it I think.

The Minister’s announcement is at When we learn more detail, we’ll let you know. (Next year is a rollover of the current contracts, so this all starts to come into play the year after next.)

I have muttered things around here about the bad experiences that some subject associations had in working with the MOE in contracting relationships through the alignment project, and I’m told yes, we know that, we’ll try to make sure it’s better this time! How much of it will turn out to be contracts to deliver something the Ministry has decided is a priority, and how much of it will be money to build your capability to do the PLD you do now but better is far from clear to me at this stage. I suppose it will become clearer!


Judie Alison Ph.D.

Advisory Officer (Professional Issues)

NZ Post Primary Teachers' Association