Chinese National Advisor

The National Adviser for Chinese is Fu Jiwei. His role is to support the development of Chinese language education in New Zealand.

Jiwei FU
09 623 8899 Ext. 48613

021 819 286




The Learning Languages Community

Portal to Professional Learning Opportunities, Professional Support for the New Zealand Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment, Resources and Key Links. Learning Languages publishes regular newsletters to keep you informed about important deadlines and events.



Professional Pathways for schools and teachers

ILEP (International Languages Exchanges and Pathways) offers professional development for schools and language teachers funded by the Ministry of Education. The pathway ensures targeted support for the design and implementation of learning languages programmes.

ILEP also provides support for Language Teachers and Principals

If you are new to language teaching and need support, please contact  Karen Hollis: k.hollis@auckland.ac.nz

If you are a principal or middle leader and need support to set up a language programme at your school, please contact Georgina Ma: georgina.ma@auckland.ac.nz

Or ring 09 623 8899 Ext 48 506 for more information.



Teacher Professional Development Languages

This programme is available to language teachers throughout New Zealand and offers an excellent opportunity to gain an internationally recognised language qualification and receive accreditation in language teaching.



New Zealand Association of Language Teachers(NZALT)

The Aim of the Association is to promote in New Zealand the learning, teaching and use of the Chinese language. This includes regional meetings, in-service opportunities, professional development awards, newsletters, a professional journal, a biennial conference, representation on official committees and panels, and advocacy on key issues.