The NZCLTA is a Subject Association which has at its heart to support the function and needs and represent the interests of all Teachers of Chinese in NZ.

Why join the NZCLTA?

  • Networking
  • Subject interest
  • Curriculum Support
  • Assessments Support
  • PD Opportunities
  • Regular Curriculum and Assessments Updates
  • Access to and Sharing of resources 

NZCLTA is affiliated to the NZALT 

  • NZALT-New Zealand Association of Languages Teachers- is an umbrella organisation
  • Has over 600 members from primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Has multifaceted roles
  • Organises biennial conferences
  • Read more at:

What does the NZCLTA do?

  • Communicates with members via the on-line group lists,, newsletters, etc 
  • Liaises with other organisations (NZALT, ILEP, Confucius Institute, PPTA, …)
  • Advertises PD opportunities
  • Participates/supports the running of conferences/PD opportunities
  • Facilitate the sharing of resources and scholarships 
  • Provides expertise and experience
  • Advocacy role with MoE, NZQA, CIE, IB, etc.

NZCLTA in 2014

  • committed to the setting up and maintenance of and furthered its developments
  •  invested in growing its membership base
  •  nurtured its partnerships (Chinese Embassy, NZALT, ILEP, Confucius Institute …) and relationship with the Chinese National Advisor
  • actively prepared for the 2014 Launching ceremony
  • participated in NZALT Conference in Palmerston North 2014

NZCLTA is committed to 

  • Continue its role of advocacy and support to all teachers of  Chinese in New Zealand, should they be at primary, intermediate or secondary levels
  • Maintain and develop further good effective communication to members via its listserv
  • Maintain and develop further professional relationships with the Chinese Embassy.
  • Maintain and develop further professional relationships with the Chinese National Adviser
  • Maintain and develop further professional relationships with Confucius Institute
  • Maintain and develop further the provision of resources and information relevant to the teaching of Chinese via its website
  • Allow networking opportunities on a range of topics (Curriculum, Assessments, Exchanges, PD etc)
  • Keep its members informed of any development affecting  their work as teachers of Chinese
  • Continue to raise its profile as a Subject Association! 

Some of the NZCLTA Challenges…

  • Growing membership by reaching teachers from all sectors
  • Finding financial support 
  • Setting goals within the financial constraints
  • Developing ways to promote the subject further in schools
  • Improve /maintain website
  • Finding volunteer time and plan for the next Exec
  • Make/source resources for teachers use
  • Strengthen its regional branches
  • Support teachers effectively with curriculum teaching and learning by helping access to PD